• heart heart heart as the light shots on her dress
    i watch it catch on fire
    with a burning passion as hers
    her beauty can inspire
    the most unworldly kings of kings

    i hold her in my arms
    as we fall into the icy water
    drifting down the current
    such a experience i wonder what it taught her
    how to control her life she answered

    we float upon shore
    where land grows green for miles
    we make are way up a mountain
    following a path of clear tiles
    she sings a song about are journey

    will this story last
    will there be any glory
    with death,and despair
    she tells the greatest story
    about the love of my life

    i love you leslie
    with the deepest depths of my heart
    she came and she went
    but death cant do us part
    in loving memory
    r.i.p leslie heart heart heart