• The leaf falls slowly swaying into the abyss
    Flashes of teasing flesh appear from the corner of his eyes
    Your love is not your own
    It's slow descent angers the man's soul for he knows the truth
    Endless nights and hellish days for his fear hear lies elsewhere
    Upon the floor it sleeps
    The same sound he hears before he weeps
    Your love is not your own
    Hah! for you are no being of flesh and blood
    You who haunt me are a mere fragment of mind
    Poor old man i am what you fear! it speaks
    For our flesh and soul are one
    He cannot be! for this is a mere dream....
    is it a mere dream?! the man screams with delightful glee
    His eyes sparkle
    in this blood red moon where the shadows reveal another face
    The Death card is dwelt