• --->You destroyed my heart, hopes.....<---

    I believed in you,
    I thought you loved me, heart
    I was sure that you would even give my your heart if I lose mine,
    But now I can see how fool I was,
    To believe in a boy like you,
    You didn't care me even a bit, did you?
    You just acted in front of me,
    Why didn't I realize it?

    Why didn't I realize,
    That you hated me, not love me.
    Why didn't I realize,
    That the bottom of your heart is filled evil and darkness,?
    Why didn't I realize,
    That you are not kind, peaceful and friendly?

    I will never forgive you,
    For what you have done,
    This world is filled with darkness and evil,
    Because of YOU,
    Every word you speak, Produces an evil spot to the world.
    Why didn't these struck my mind before?

    I can't forget for what you have done,
    My heart sank deep,
    And my eyes filled with tears,
    My blood in the body stopped in shock,
    And, good gracious my heart didn't stop,
    Or else I would have died because of YOU.
    (I added some more!

    You are smart, clean.
    But your heart isn't.
    That means you too aren't,
    Though you look so.

    I need to warn the other girls,
    Or else you would destroy their heart too,
    as you have done mine.
    I think you are the most cruel person,
    Seen in the world.
    I don't know how many other girls,
    You are going to,
    Destroy the hopes, life and heart of them