• you say youre sorry
    but we both know
    you wont come back
    i tried living without you
    i wind up tearing
    unable to sleep
    you say its ok
    but i know its not
    the first time we kissed
    was the first time i regained happiness
    i want my old life back
    please come back
    i need your smile
    to brighten up my day
    tears fall down my face
    only for you
    im trapped in darkness
    all by my self
    with no one
    i dont remember when i last saw light
    does it matter
    im stuck in here
    all by self
    so what can be done for me now
    if only you were to come back
    but you are unsure
    damn im so nieve
    if only i knew what to do
    it would all be for you
    so tell me if it can be healed
    if i were to change
    would it matter
    some love is never healed but they worked out anyway
    i miss your touch
    your smile
    your eyes
    im alone
    im alone
    im alone
    your in my heart
    your in my heart
    your in my heart
    my broken heart
    stitch it up