• I toss and turn,

    I bleed and scream,

    The room changes colors,

    The walls purge and distort,

    The door is barred and aflame,

    I have to get out,

    I kick and scream,

    My head is pounding,

    My eyes are streaming tears,

    Tiny legs crawling all over me,




    Excruciating pain,

    My catatonic body,

    My blood everywhere,

    My mind on the edge,

    of total calamity,

    its happening again,

    I’m drowning,



    And blind,

    I’m dying,

    From myself within,

    Cold and numb,

    I locked myself away,

    Into my imprisoned mind,

    Sank into the wings of misfortune,

    And drifted off into the sea of sins,

    ~The aftermath~

    Awake in my bed,

    Another sleepless night,

    Another nightmare plague,


    Yet dead on the inside