• My wounds
    are still wide open.
    Time cannot
    heal me,
    and i slowly
    oh, so slowly
    lose my sanity.
    Every time
    i hear your voice,
    its like velvet
    on my skin.
    Every time
    we meet eyes,
    i drown
    inside their deep,
    golden warmth,
    longing for you
    to be mine.
    Every time i see you,
    my heart leaps,
    and i lose
    what little i have left
    of my enitre being.
    Of my sanity.
    You drive me
    insanely wild...
    Some days,
    I lay inside myself,
    within my own mind,
    for hours on end,
    enjoying the
    blissful escape
    my mind has come to be;
    and you--
    yes you,
    are there,
    in my mind,
    in my dream world,
    where everything
    is so perfect.
    It's the life
    i have always
    dreamed of.
    You want me;
    i want you,
    and we live together
    in my personal,
    peaceful world,
    while an eternity passes;
    and we never age.
    Our love grows,
    bigger than us all,
    and we understand
    this is truly
    meant to be.