Over-populated world.
    Life fills it, death orbits it.
    One less person... the world won't mind.
    It will carry on,
    Perhaps happily,
    With one troubled soul out of the way.
    The air will become fresh
    Children will no longer cry
    The ending of one begins the life of another.
    A good life, one pure
    Without corrupted thoughts
    The stench of evil will be gone.

    And so it is time
    All things, good and bad,
    Must come to a close.
    A final chapter
    Of one life tortured,
    Will now burn and sink into the earth.
    The world shall still turn
    Tension shall be relieved,
    The hearts of billions no longer carrying the burden.
    When the past
    Of the troubled soul
    Will not leave him be,
    One way,
    There is one way,
    To rid himself of pain worldwide.

    Then the people,
    They will be alright.
    Carry on with the world as it should be.
    So wipe those tears,
    No more anger or fear
    I will be dead, and joy will take over.

    One less person... the world won't mind.

    © Copyright 2007 CursedFreedom (UN: brokensword at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.