• To die is to never feel.

    But there is no love in death.

    Though all love does bring is pain and tears.

    I do still love you...

    I shot you through the heart with my gun.

    You showed me that someone can actually care enough to shoot right back.

    It's too bad you missed, but I hit my mark.

    As much as you want to throw this back at me, you should have seen it coming.

    Bland and out of hand your eyes avoided our problem 'til I unplugged the music.

    And to what out come did you get?

    We held hands and I thought you forgave me...

    I was mistaken.

    And you're the one that hates me after you fooled me like that!?

    You dont make sense.

    I said I was sorry, but I guess kisses don't work at this age, huh?

    I bid you a sweet goodbye.

    With a smile on my face.

    Knowing I had you.