• You say you love me,
    But I don't see
    How that's possible.
    I've been alone for so long,
    Not physically, but mentally, emotionally that I forgot how to tune myself to someone else's song.

    You say that you love me,
    And I really do
    Want to believe you.
    I just don't see how you can love me,
    Someone that's so broken on the inside.

    You say that you want to be with me,
    But I just don't see
    Why you chose me.
    I'm nothing special,
    And only a couple people say I'm pretty or beautiful,
    But I never believe them.

    You say I'm the one for you,
    I really, really do want to believe you, I really do,
    And I'm starting too.

    You say that you love me,
    And I'm starting to see
    That you're telling me the truth.
    I've got something to tell you,
    I love you too.