• Pardon me! Yes, I am one to know how these things work
    No, I do not love, for those who hath loved, hath cried HA! Their cries are indignant
    For I, yes I! Hath seen the ways of man, and his followers, his PROPHETS! His profits
    For you, oh how you hath known the ways of a woman HA! The ways of these frequently frightened creatures that excite the mind and arouse the body, as well as invite the soul
    No! You shan't love ME! For your love is that of a hunter to it's prey
    I could expectorate to your indignance! You wicked, insolent fool! Hath you not seen the ways of man? The ways of his wicked impropriety! Men which turn to drink for shelter of the mind. Men which are insolent fools! Women which are slaves of fashion, basking in the glow of the morning sun that trickles through the windows of their Johns parlors! Whores by trade, I tell you! Yet you know the whores. You hire them for your wicked inward conquest. A Conquest to destroy yourself!
    Madmen know nothing! I know everything, hath known for quite a period, for the one who does not know, does not see, YOU! You do musn't know, musn't SEE! The glances of your whores prove to be as inviting for thou as drink with no addict!
    As a madmen who knows nothing.