• October

    I change into my beloved furry form,

    And I dash on all fours through my favorite woods.

    The weather is getting colder now; it is October.

    I love this breezy month,

    My brother and I use to frolic in the fallen leaves.

    Too bad my brother will not see it again.

    He is gone now; fallen like the fiery leaves.

    The ground is damp I roll around in it; the dirt and leaves stick to my coat.

    A swift wind ruffles my fur; the friendly dirt has left me now.

    The wind took it leaving me lonely; reminding me briefly of my brother.

    I lift my muzzle to scent the air,

    Some one burns a fire nearby, I gallop towards the aroma.

    I come across a small creek; I find that I am quite parched,

    I lower my muzzle to drink,

    The water is deliciously cold; the frigid liquid freezes my burning throat.

    I see a figure moving toward me,

    I look up,

    And to my surprise,

    I see the ghost,

    Of my,