• My body shakes
    From silent unstoppable sobs
    Floods of tears run down my cheeks
    The strength from my body exhaustion robs

    I want to escape the pain
    Leave my body and run
    There is nothing left to keep me sane
    And the will to fight is all gone

    Pain flashes throught my body
    All I can do is shake
    Through a thick haze is all I can see
    As inside my head is a never ending quake

    My soft warm bed
    Is all that I can wish for
    So many tears were shed
    Before I hit the floor

    But silence is impossible to find
    And that is what I need
    If only they were a little more kind
    Not so full of greed

    Rest will take the pain away
    Of this I am sure
    Yet there is nowhere I can stay
    Where the sleep I get is pure