• She knew there would be a goodbye
    There always is
    This time though with this man and with her dreams
    She thought theyed be real and life would freeze
    She thought they could be a "thing"
    With people talking about how longs gone by
    since they last heard her cry
    But all of a sudden the time has come
    It seems hes found anoughter one
    He turns his back on her like some cold stone
    As she starts the tears again
    He turns and runs to that new girl
    as she slowly walks back home but this time alone

    Two days later tired and sad
    she walks down the street and suddnly is glad
    But the happiness she just had got washed away
    Because she could no longer kiss that man
    down the road and round the corner she could just see him....
    ashamed of herself for acting that way
    she runs away
    far away from any life and is trapped along, she went on strife
    strife away from him and her mother
    that was when she ended her life
    but now to this day you could still see the writing
    on her grave