• Battles Past

    Here I am as I lay in my bed
    Looking at the black abyss that is my ceiling
    My mind wondering as my eyes shift
    Thinking about my life that is
    About my life that once was
    How things used to be
    How things should be
    My life crashing down
    Like a plane that's out of control
    Killing my dreams of who I am
    Of who I want to be
    It is hard to regain what I've lost
    Of my life's Destiny
    Left with wounds of battles past
    And the thoughts of those yet to come
    My head spinning at the thought
    Of the fights I've seen
    With the death in my life
    My hands stained with crimson red
    From my past all the things I have done
    Unable to look to the future
    Because of my past
    Unable to wash away the crimson
    That had befallen my hands