• Insanity Is the comfort of a pillow, used for suffocation.
    Insanity Is the warmth of a gun, used for a Death Shot.
    Insanity Is the enabler,
    The barrier breaker,
    The undertaker.

    Insanity Is a safety zone.
    Insanity Is a shield.
    Insanity Is a guard for all to take part in it,
    All who brush with it,
    All who dwell in it.

    Insanity Is the abstract thoughts, the rotund ways.
    Insanity Is the thought that you can do anything.
    Insanity Is the fact that people can question, can insult, can pry,
    And they never seem to affect you,
    And they never will.

    Insanity Is a soft room, padded with cushy walls.
    Insanity Is a group of people, who try to figure out what's wrong.
    Insanity Is not quite knowing what's going on,
    Having that privilege,
    Having that power.

    Insanity Is engulfing, a single being in itself.
    Insanity Is the process of losing yourself.
    Insanity Is the way you go when you just seem to snap,
    And you're lucky enough to see nothing,
    Lucky that everything goes black.