• every saying you tell me
    every movement you do
    and every touch
    you give me
    i held close to my heart
    believing in everything you said
    believing it when you said those three words
    'I. love. you.'
    three words that meant so much
    that i cared for every second
    three words saying so much
    with so little
    there so nice
    yet so mean at the same time
    you say you love me
    you say you care for me
    that you can't bear to see me hurt
    all the lies you told me
    that i thought were real
    were all fake
    cause you truly care
    then why did you leave
    my friends tell me to move on
    but its so hard to
    its hard know you want something
    that you can't have
    it's worse knowing that it's all you want
    i see you with that girl
    telling the lies again
    every sweet thing you've told me
    I've held close to my heart
    ignoring the warning behind the words
    just throwing the warnings away
    because all i know is
    all i want is you
    i also know i can't have it
    but its harder knowing your all i want
    your so close
    yet so far away