I want a guy who’ll always be there
    Who’ll hold me tight
    And stroke my hair

    Who’ll know it when I’m not okay
    Who’ll call me at night
    Even when he’s not away

    Who’ll cook amazing food for me
    By candlelight
    Beneath a tree

    Who’ll kiss me no matter where we are
    Around our friends
    Or in the car

    Who’ll hold me while I fall asleep
    And whisper to me
    “Don’t make a peep”

    Who’ll spin me around to make me laugh
    Who cares if they think
    That we’re daft

    Who’ll listen to me babble on
    About my band
    And favourite song

    Who’ll kiss away the scars and pain
    And take me walking
    In the rain

    Who’ll follow as I walk away
    And ask me nicely
    “Won’t you stay?”

    But when is it
    He’ll finally see
    That he’s standing next to me?