• A small sigh exhaled...

    A bear in hibernation roars just the same; though he maybe docile.
    The shell of a crustacean much like my domain, delivers protection from the hostile.
    Alas, my voice restrains magnificence that can be compared to the beauty of a butterfly in a bottle.
    The external perceives passing judgment that is naught.
    For, inside these walls, composed of flesh and blood, there is more to be said and that being said is a lot.

    A small sigh exhaled...

    Does the wind not scream in silence validating its existence?
    And, does water not overcome out-spoken mountains through persistence?
    The shy... The timid... The bashful, are we not as powerful as our elemental counterparts?
    Our exterior shells made out of diamond...
    Diamond that is created as the coals of our failure are heated by the inferno that is determination within our hearts.

    A small exhaled...

    Our passive ways similar to those of a predator; laying in wait and observing its environment.
    Which of the two is truly more profound to be?
    Is it not true to say one needs IN-sight before he/she can truly have an OUT-look?
    Judgment without knowledge... That is the error of our over-character[ed] brethren.
    Our words are seldom spoken without foundation, our course never steered in mystery, and our adventures never toiled for no gain.

    A small exhale....

    Our lady is experience and our muse has been named wisdom.
    We are introvert.
    The glow of the spotlight misses our presence much to our preference.
    The yang of our yin can stand in the light, as we much rather not be blinded.
    We are the assassins of stories... The mystery of novels... The calm before the storm.
    Shy... Timid... Bashful...
    Bravery... Courage... Adventure....

    Only we know... Only we know.... Only we know, what it is to be The Silence Of A Storm.

    -Ezekiel Pintac
    Written- 10/03/2009