• She loved you.
    She hurt you.
    She cared for you.
    She broke you.
    She told you lies.
    But you never listened.
    It never phased you.
    And you stayed loyal to her.
    You loved her too.
    You loved your butterfly.
    No matter what she did;she was always yours.
    No matter how many times she left you.
    She was still yours.
    But then you let go.
    She was no longer yours.
    But then came I.
    And you told me you loved.
    Told me you always had.
    But you couldnt break loyality to her.
    You said I was yours.
    You said I was your Kitten.
    And at first i believed it.
    I believe there was nothinig she could do.
    She couldnt ruin this.
    But then it started to fade.
    And then I relized.
    I didnt have my Masters heart.
    I didnt have all of his love.
    And I relized;
    I never could.
    I had given my entire life to be yours.
    But she had still a bigger impact on you then I.
    She was yours.
    Whether she knew it or not.
    I could never fill her place in your heart.
    You could never love me completely.
    You will always love her.
    And if she came running back.
    I'd be dropped in a heart beat.
    But I still love you.
    I always have.
    Even before her.
    Even if I cannot completely fill her spot.
    I know,
    In a way.
    You will always love me.
    Always love your Kitty.
    Even she can't take that title from me now.
    No one can takes being Master's little Kitty away from me.
    He will always love me with more intensity then her.
    Even if she was first.
    Set higher standards.
    And still had a bigger imprint on him.
    I would change that.
    No one can take the pride I get from being his away.
    I can love him more then she could ever(: