• No Words

    No words can describe,
    Your lips at my cheek.
    I’m the one you don’t have to bribe,
    Because your words make me weak.

    No words can describe,
    How you make me feel.
    You give me a good vibe.
    This is a great deal!
    You and me, spending time,
    Wherever we want to be,
    Writing this rhyme.
    It will always be ‘we’.

    No words can describe,
    The happiness in my veins.
    When your lips touch mine,
    I break free from these chains.
    I waited in line,
    As long as it took.
    And now you’re with me.
    Let’s write this story book.

    Your heart in my hand,
    The sun up above,
    Feet buried in the sand.
    What could this be, but love?

    No words can describe,
    The way I felt,
    When ‘now’ became ‘always’.
    I remember how my heart did melt,
    When you set me free,
    By the simple gesture of,
    Kneeling down on one knee.

    Together, we are.
    I’m married to you,
    My personal shining star.
    Wow, I never knew
    It would end up like this.
    I’m dressed head to toe,
    In this amazing bliss.

    No words can describe,
    The joy which filled my heart,
    When we made our little tribe,
    Of me and you, never to be apart.