• Looking back i see nothing,
    Looking back my life has a black hole,
    Nothing but black and white images full of nothing,
    Looking back i see a stop in time ,
    Nothing moving
    Nothing being shown,
    Nothing to start,
    Nothing but a swirl of black that never ends,
    Something that will never start,
    Full of nothing is all i see,
    Looking back i wonder why i see nothing,
    Nothing but blank pages that never been used,
    Black pages that will never be wrote on,
    Black images showing but emptiness,
    Maybe then i was nothing,
    A empty shell of nothing,
    Maybe i was a nobody,
    Or somebody becoming a empty nobody,
    because i started to fade away,
    Living a life of empty promises,
    Empty promises of nothing,
    Promises that will forever stay empty,
    Looking back i see empty tears,
    Looking back i see empty emotions,
    No love,
    No care,
    No fear,
    No sad tears being shed,
    No happiness,
    Just empty emotions,
    Looking back i wonder will i fade to...
    never to be

    Will i ever come out of the black hole?,
    Will i ever be full of any emotions? ,
    Beside nothing,
    Full of love,
    Full of care,
    Full of fear,
    Full of sad tears being shed,
    Full of happiness,
    Full of emotions,
    Or will i remain....