• i'm insane,can't show it,i'm inraged,thay can't know it,i'm full of sorrows,but if my friends find out thay would die,i'm forced to hide how i feel to keep my friends and family from loseing there ******** minds,i'm allways the peace keeper,i'm only 15 and i'm turnsing 28,i'm unhappy but i have to hide it or else my world come crashing down around me,in the mirror i can't even see myself,who am i?,a lost soul?,a wonderer saveing people who couldn't care less?,i don't really care anymore all i can remember about the true me is a fear of myself,my worst fear came true,i'm not me,so why am i?,am i god cruel prank?,am i the worlds truest form?,i just don't know.help me find out if you know

    if your rading this ask yourself:is this me?or is this a friend?