• I can't focus on anything.
    Alot of things going through my mind...
    Those things mostly involve you.
    What can I... Do...?
    What will I... Become...?
    How can I... Overcome these feelings...?
    W-Why do I... feel this way...?
    I am such a fool.
    I feel betrayed and envious...
    Of your actions when you're with her.
    Those same actions when you're with me.
    You seem more pleased when she's around.
    But you don't with me...
    Would it kill you to smile when I show up?
    Maybe even a simple greeting?
    But that isn't good enough.
    I can't stand to see you be with anyone but me!
    This is the beginning of a war.
    I can see it now.
    So let's begin!
    There is no time for foolish games!
    I will plan to show you the anger...
    Building up inside me.
    Perhaps I should destroy that other girl.
    Make her weak and make myself shine brighter than her.
    I shall make you gaze upon me.
    Make sure I'll never let you look away.
    Lock you inside my trance.
    I'm getting sick of you doing this to me.
    I got to be up front.
    Give up your ways with her.
    I will not shed a damn tear for you.
    I'll achieve my goal someday.