• "I hate you!"

    "You're a worthless p***k, no one likes you!" The boy shouted, anger in his eyes. He looked at the person in front of him with despise. There was nothing in the world he hated more than this person. For this... thing in front of him, which was all he could see it as, he could feel only disgust, pure hatred.

    "I hate you!"

    He shouted those three words yet again, taking a step closer to the person in front of him, clenching one of his fists. He was ready to strike down the creature in front of him, this shell of a man. "You don't deserve to live! Why are you even still breathing?!" The words came out like roars. He felt a desire to kill this horrible thing in front of him.

    "I really ******** hate you!"

    He shouted once again, taking yet another step closer. But as he stepped closer he realized, that his object of hatred... was his own mirror image. A tear as black as his own soul fell down his cheek, as he collapsed on the floor and slowly started to fade away...

    "I hate you... I hate you... I hate you..." He whispered over and over again, until he was no more, swallowed by his own hatred.