• i'm a dewdrop on a petal
    i'm a flower on the tree
    I'm that voice that says
    "come closer"
    i'm the song that never leaves
    i'm the footsteps on the sidewalk
    in the middle of the night
    i'm the music in the silence
    the fire that sheds no light

    i'm the heart that isnt broken
    but lays shattered on the floor
    i'm the mask of all the sorrows
    that one can come to own

    i'm the song heard from the shadows
    saying "please don't ever go"
    i'm the one who's never fallen
    but lays quiet on the floor

    i'm the lonely singing sparrow
    that waits outside your door
    and though you do not know it
    i'm a soul without a home

    i'm the raindrops on your window
    when your crying out the pain
    i'm the one who holds you tight
    to kiss your tears away