• A spark of fire
    a puff of smoke
    and another life
    is sent to the void

    I wonder
    where it all begins
    Does it begin with greed?
    Or perhaps it starts with jealousy?

    does the anger spawn?
    Where does the need
    arise in our society?

    Why do we find reasons
    to persecute our fellow man?
    Why do we find purpose
    in the violence and murder?

    Is it written
    in the very genes from which we are birthed?
    Did some mighty maker
    find it entertaining to pit us against one another?

    theres no blaming the heavens for our mistakes
    theres is no blaming god
    for the mistakes we as humans make

    These are only terms
    associated with the human genome

    perhaps I am being too cynical
    Theres is more to our species than meets the eye

    Like light to shadow
    like the sun to the moon
    even though we are capable of great evil
    so are we capable of the great compassion

    ironic is it not?
    Though some say we are “a violent race”
    Why than in ever little gesture of compassion
    do I see a reason to hold out hope for our race?

    Perhaps its as a wise man once said
    that though the world may be covered in evil
    As long as there is the tiniest bit of kindness
    there is reason to hope

    And thus
    with that in mind
    I leave with this
    my final words for this reading

    Do not lose hope
    for our race just yet
    do not give in
    to the violence and greed around you

    If not for yourself
    for the sake of the next generation
    bear the persecution
    and give them hope to face the new day

    And always remember
    though tomorrow may seem like the end of days
    remember this
    and take it to heart

    No matter the circumstance
    life will continue on its journey
    and as long as we have hope and life in ourselves
    ..........the human race will always follow