• Just a kiss, a push foreward, a moment in time
    Just a love, never leaving, till the world falls awry

    But what can be done, and what can be said
    Thoughts, swirling and rolling all through my head

    All things good have become all things bad
    So where does that leave the moments we had?

    Just leave me alone now, to my thoughtless ways
    Just leave me alone to battle the days.

    I survive dark cold nighs of confusion alone
    Just by sitting and wishing, and holding the phone.

    Afraid as I am to call out to you
    Even more afraid of what you could do

    So here I sit, planning escape
    Finding the best way to leave no hate

    As the moment of my death draws nearer again
    I leave out a note explaining my plan.

    The blade feels so cold against my warm skin.
    And I think of the roller coaster life has been.

    I picture your face as the blood hits the ground
    The life we could have had dies without a sound

    I fall to the floor it's the end of my show
    I forgot to bow, but no one will know.