• it may mean nothing,
    nothing to heart i desrtoyed,
    but this story everyone shuold know,

    love at first sight i said to myself,
    hoping she felt the same way i asked her,
    she said "yes i feel the same way"
    we hung out more often,
    everytime we spent time i got closer to her,
    as she did too,
    i asked her "will you go out with me?"
    she said "yes! i love to"
    everything was great for a long time
    but like everything... all great events come to an end
    we broke up...

    two days later, she said "i made a mistake"
    but i was with someone else already
    i went behind this gf i had back for she was already cheating on me
    we spent three days together talking having fun,
    soon i broke up with the i was once with...

    thats when it happen...
    i asked another girl out...
    forgeting all the time that the one i should be with
    was always there.. waiting for me
    but when i told her i got with someone else
    i desroyed her heart...
    i left the girl hoping for forgiveness
    i got forgiveness but in return..
    a giant gap...

    i am srry from the bottom of my heart an i love you with all my heart....