• Frosted leaves of what was left
    before Jack Frost exhaled a breath
    Ice has formed around my home
    falling down as hard as stone
    my trust once in, seasonal things
    the happiness that spring could bring
    and the warmth of summer, and it's glow
    the chill of Autumn and winter's snow
    but what chilled me more was pain anew
    one that I saw not in view
    she left me there in cold winter's night
    brokenhearted and deprived of life
    so now I wait here on Autumn's approach
    and think of you whom I miss most
    I need not hate nor curse your name
    I'd rather wait forever since I'm to blame
    maybe in another life, I could find you there
    before winter freezes time, maybe you will care
    so until that die, until I die, I'll search the world for thee
    my love, my life, my only one, whom I lost in December's Freeze