• I loved you once
    I gave you my heart,
    But that didn’t stop you
    From ripping it apart.

    You were my everything,
    My breath of life.

    You claimed you’d give
    Me all you had
    But that was
    Just another lie.

    I wish I could say
    I hate you so much;
    I wish this was so.

    After all you have done
    I should hate you;
    After all you have done
    I could never forgive you.

    I wish I could say
    There would never
    Be the day
    I come to miss you.

    But this strange hold
    You have on me
    Won’t let this be true
    Or let me free.

    So I say please,
    I beg of you,
    Leave me alone.

    But that’s something
    You just won’t do.