• It's safe to say that everything is slowly coming undone;
    I find it harder everyday to wake and face the sun.
    I'm losing my mind; I'm in a bind and nothing feels quite the same.
    Life's getting harder and I'm getting older so I now know I'm the one to blame.

    When I was younger, it all was so simple! I'd take it one day at a time.
    But now it's so hard, so difficult, and so tough that I don't think I can make the climb.
    Things once held so close to my heart are now the farthest thing from my thoughts;
    I remember a time not so long ago when I could actually call the shots.

    What most of the world sees is not the real me; in fact it's far from reality.
    Only a few are let in to witness the sin of my inner calamity.
    When the medication no longer helps and I cry out in agony and pain,
    I look towards the sky and think with a sigh, "At least I'm still somewhat sane."

    When no one understands and everyone judges on what they see on the outside,
    It gives me no self-esteem and that's when I believe I've nothing; not even pride.
    I can't stand what I am; I'm hideous and pathetic with not one good quality.
    I know what I am; no one can convince me that I am not faulty.

    I feel as though I'm just a waste of space, vital organs, and hopes. I whine and complain to so many people; they must be at the end of their ropes.
    I am a mistake; a mistake so severe that my parents must be ashamed;
    But I'm the reason I act how I act, so I know I'm the one to blame.