• When I look up at the sky
    The stars, see, are sparkling
    Each giving off its own light
    Like the people on this planet
    Yeah, so I, too
    Want to shine particularly bright
    I close my eyes and make a vow in my heart
    And entrust my dreams to that shooting star

    I'm in my usual park
    I can see the night scenery
    On the slide
    That's been my special seat for years
    Whenever I'm worried about something, I come here
    Just like then, I'm on my way to my dreams
    But unable to fulfill them
    "Maybe this is the end of the line"
    There are days when I say weak things like that
    But every time, I remember
    That starry sky where I looked for a shooting star
    The wish I made when I was little
    Hasn't changed even now

    Hiding out in the schoolyard at night with my mates
    We climbed the chain-link fence
    The field seemed to have a different face than during the day
    We headed for our sea called the pool
    We didn't have swimming trunks, so we were all stark naked
    Someone jumped in with a strange yell
    The splash echoed through the night
    "After him!" Everyone else piled in
    We floated gently, looking up at the sky
    Looked at the stars in front of us, and talked about heaps of dreams
    And looked for that shooting star

    Looking up at the sky, there are countless stars
    The same number now that there was years ago
    My dreams are endless and crazy
    Incredibly bright, like that star.

    Hey! If you keep hanging your head like that
    You won't even be able to see the things you can see
    Look up at the sky, keep your head up!!
    Hey! "What do you think of the sky you see?"
    Someday, like that shining star.
    I wanna shine.