• I came home early
    bad day at school
    I open the door
    to red roses on a stool

    There was a letter
    but I was surprised
    they were from you
    the card said surpirse! I love you

    I gaped at the card
    I was in complete shock
    why would you tell me
    aspechally while my life is uptop

    Parents devorce
    bad days at school
    then i come home
    to a letter that says I love you??

    Is this a joke
    are you trying to make me laugh
    because its not working
    quite the opposite had

    I began to cry
    not really knowing why
    I guess I was mad
    but my reaction was bad

    I didnt know why I was sad
    do regard I was mad
    but I still shouldn't have been bad
    I should be glad

    So I'm sorry for what I said
    I really am
    but I'm still broken
    and have many peices to mend

    You ignore me for weeks
    I don't understand
    you said one thing
    then turn around and ran

    I guess you weren't ready
    don't worry
    neither was I
    but now I have to hurry
    my class is gona start