• when i hear your name

    on t.v

    or see ur face

    on tiger beat


    i must run home

    and cyberstalk you

    youtube: i can watch you

    glazed eyes

    cuz im not weird

    google: i must know

    every detail

    cuz i'm convinced

    one day i will be

    a star

    and date you

    (because you would
    love to date someone
    5 years younger)

    at ur concert

    i made a sign

    "lick me!!!!"

    and i threw

    my bra on stage

    im convinced you liked

    even though you


    ah yes,

    teenage girls
    like me

    we are sooooo


    ps: i wrote in permanent marker
    on my forehead your name

    pps: i kiss my 1000
    pictures of you every night
    before bed