• Turning sadness into kindness,
    Your uniqueness into strength.
    It's okay to get lost so begin walking
    once again.

    Do you like to be praised by, answering everyone's expectations?
    Will your smile always be beautiful, even if you hide your true self?

    Just dreaming the beginning then waking up,
    the continuation can be reached someday by myself.

    The most important thing is always, without any shape.
    Even if you have it or lose it, you'll never know.

    Unfair adults are always, giving lectures every time we meet,
    Being unable to show their true selves.
    They get grouchy as they get hurt

    Getting the new wind on your side,
    it's now okay to search for the blue bird.

    It's natural like the rainbow,
    that somehow appears after tears.

    Turning sadness into kindness, your uniqueness into strength.
    Believing that you should be able to do it
    once again, are you ready?