• Lost little girl (not alone anymore)

    Lost little girl
    All alone the world
    Seemed to have it all
    But hid her sorrow so well
    Never had someone to love before
    Watching couples go by so many times
    It gave her heartache

    Lost little girl
    Go dry your eyes
    No need to cry
    I’m right here
    I’m right beside
    You- You are not
    Alone anymore
    No no
    Not alone

    Lost little girl
    Looks up to the sky
    Wiping all the rolling tears
    Away from eyes
    And she sighs
    And she looks into his eyes

    He takes her hand
    Spins her around (and round and round)
    Little lost girl, go dry your eyes
    Let me hypnotize
    Make you smile
    Just for a little while

    She takes his hand
    Not knowing what to do
    She just knows
    She’s with him
    For the moment
    She let’s herself go
    Casting her fears away

    Little lost girl
    Go dry yours eyes
    Let my eyes, dazzle yours tonight
    No need to be afraid
    Or turn away
    You’re safe in my arms for the night

    And the little lost girl
    Well, she doesn’t feel so
    In fact now’s she found
    Somewhere to belong
    In his arms

    And he grabs her arm
    They run away- exploring the world around them
    Day by day

    They’re running fast
    They’re running free
    They don’t where they’re going
    But they just know
    They’re not alone