• {Chorus}
    With every word that you said
    Every action made
    Every drop I bled
    I will never forget
    I will never forgive
    The memories will never leave
    But for now I have amnesia

    The clearest image
    Distorted in my mind
    When you appear
    I suddenly go blind
    Turn, The stare
    A blink of an eye
    I'm no longer there
    And you wonder why
    Ignorance, my dear
    Just to keep me sane


    It was over at a point
    But love stalks me so
    Memories cry out
    Of a past you won't let go
    But I show no weakness
    I musn't shed a tear
    Hold on to he memories
    Before the amnesia wipes it clear

    {Chorus, Then if I had music I'd throw in an interlude}

    {Bridge; speed up into fast-paced rock}
    I want back
    All the time that you stole from me
    I want back
    Times of intimacy
    So now your words are pretty
    But less than spoken
    They discintergrate
    When your mouth opens.

    {Chorus} x 2 then fade