• If I ever got lost
    would you try to find me?
    Or would you just sit at home
    while I weeped and you were cozy.

    If I died tomorrow
    would you cry?
    Or would you not care?
    Would the friendship be a lie?

    If a tear fell down my face
    Would you hold me close?
    Or would you leave me alone?
    Are we friends are foes?

    If I got mad at you
    Would you hug me and stay
    Or would you turn around
    and walk away?

    If I walked to your door after years of silence
    would you let me in ?
    Or would you shut the door in my face?
    When I had a frown would you have a grin?

    If I asked you if you loved me
    Would you say of course?
    Or would you say never?
    And turn away with no remorse?

    If you were lost
    I'd search everywhere
    Even if it took twenty years
    As long as you were back to me I wouldn't care.

    If you died tomorrow,
    I'd be filled with so much pain.
    I couldn't live without you
    There would forever be rain.

    If a tear fell down your face,
    I'd wipe it away
    I would try to make you happy.
    Even if it took all day.

    If you got mad at me
    I'd leave you alone
    So you could think
    And hope you would forgive me on your own.

    If you walked to my door after years of silence
    I'd open it and hug you tight
    We'd talk for hours
    I wouldn't start another fight.

    If you asked me if I loved you
    The answer would be how could I not.
    I'll love you forever.
    In my heart, you'll always find your spot.