• The moon was eclipsed,
    And it hid behind a red shade,
    The crows shrieked from where they perched,
    And people passed,
    Staring blankly from under their shame,
    Eyes glazed in fear,

    The air thick with hate and unknowing,
    Yet no one dare stand,
    And yet no one dare speak,

    So, I, did what was bold - and stupid,
    I spoke above all,
    So I may be heard,
    I stood above all,
    So I may be seen,

    But instead,
    Made a fool from thine own heartache,
    Seen and heard as only one,
    Lost amongst the others,
    The ones who wished for a voice,
    The ones who wished for a crutch,

    A glance around to see,
    Now pleading eyes,
    Lips sewn shut,
    Pleading their sorry with admiration,

    I was passed a dagger,
    And told to stay in silence,
    To stay in the dark,

    They whispered,
    Through clenched teeth,
    "Or use it."
    I responded with a bleeding heart "...and so I will."