• Dragons are streaming across our skies
    Creating fire in their wake, and hoarding treasures
    While the angels sit and stare, singing lullabies
    Apathetic, uncaring to man's cause
    they take leisurely flights and let from wings fall
    their golden, holy, beautiful feathers

    The men stare upward toward space
    They listen as the dragons taunt them from afar
    As angels serenade them, dressed in silk and lace
    they are subtle in their vanity, two faced...
    with one hand, they instrument the miracles
    with the other, they start to twist our fate
    they open the doors to souls and leave them ajar

    If ever I encountered an angel's masquerade
    I would choose instead a dragon within my vision
    At least with a dragon, I can still be saved
    For who would remove me from an angel
    The supposed innocence streaming from them
    would intoxicate me into dumb submission.