• Can you take this pain
    Can you handle this stain
    Look at me now
    Does it look like I need to sleep
    Am I the creep
    Is the restraining order against me
    Am I the one that needs to be
    A little more silent
    A little more violent
    I cant seem to get the meaning
    Of fifty feet away
    Of not being in the sway
    But don't worry I can find another way
    To look through your eyes
    To watch you sleep
    Just look at me now
    Silently screaming
    And motionlessly swinging
    Tie me up in lace
    I cannot wait
    For you to see
    Oh darling
    Oh sweet
    Is it okay I'm the one weak
    I'm the one who goes out to seek
    Take this candle and light the rest
    Tell your sins to the cast
    Take your bow and sign the sheet
    Force me to stay away fifty feet