UC Poika

    grim reapers were trolling when they hooked my back
    as my mind's eye could see a bobber float
    but wherever I went it followed after me
    revealing the line had broken off the reel...
    they couldn't catch my tether, the severed slack
    and couldn't quite maneuver their fishing boats
    and so made wild grabs for the float but I clung to the trees
    yet that bobber is still tied to meā€”that's how it feels
    but I know they had my number and listed my name
    in some registry of some kind there in the afterlife
    but I am sort of free since Fate is playing games
    and her plans for my death, irreparably jackknifed
    I may never know the cause or the reasons why
    all I know right now is he who's luckiest doesn't die