• Many years i've lived in pain scream
    For too long I think I'll go insane
    ive lived terror over the 12 years
    nothing prepared only with fears
    i wont take this no more
    i feel so sore
    ill kill in my path
    nothing will be in my way
    feel my wrath
    every lie told trapped me in these four walls
    no blood no mercy
    no matter what ive done
    no matter what pain will come
    ill be going down this road
    murder everything in my path
    today is the day
    i will forget
    all the truth and hope ive had
    im overcoming my hope
    the blood sweat and tears
    come down to fears
    I won't take this anymore
    nothing can stand in my way
    ive fought my fears
    they're still here
    i want to run away
    this wont be anymore
    this will be the day
    but all i can do is shut the door
    angry voices came to me
    lies flooded my head
    this stress is coming over me
    this turned me to me
    no matter how long it takes
    every move i make will be watched
    every lie i tell will be heard
    every fall will be laughed at
    ill be watched
    and watches everything stressed