• Seeing the untold darkness that slowly consumes you,
    Death is coming,
    Do not laugh for this is no laughing matter,
    Slowly destroying your souls as the dark of the night falls over the world,
    Those are all words I've heard before,
    The world will cringe as hate applies,
    The lakes will turn red,
    Filled with blood,
    The walls like red splattered paint,
    As life falls into the hands of death,
    Doom will come upon this day,
    Two lovers will apear,
    Covered in blood,
    They'll be the last to walk this earth,
    Bringing with them the untold,
    The untold darkness,
    That WILL consume your souls,
    No matter what you do.......,
    You've brought this fate upon your selves,
    By pushing them away,
    (Pushing them over the edge)
    Keeping them away,
    (Driving them to darkness)
    Making them hate this day,
    (Pushing them)
    Driving them,
    (Into the grasp of hate)
    To bring...
    (The Untold)
    THE UNTOLD..........................!
    (Death WILL come to you)
    I wish this truth
    (Upon you)