• She stared out into the ocean blue
    feeling the foam and the wind
    she knew it was time
    but she really couldn't see him.

    He promised he'd come back
    she promised she'd wait
    so when the time came to look for him
    she couldn't see his ship.

    She stared out at the ocean blue
    with nothing but the empty
    she knew it wouldn't be long
    till he took her in his arms again.

    One hour, two hours, three hours
    and still no sign
    he wrote saying he was ok
    and that he'd be there on time.

    She stared out at the ocean blue
    hoping he was just late
    but when morning came, and nothing came
    she never left her place.

    She stayed on the mountain cliff,
    not moving for anything or anyone
    so when her true love did actually come
    they would be reunited once more.

    She stared out at the ocean blue
    for years and years at time
    she never moved, she never cried
    but kept on looking at the horizon.

    She stayed there, not moving
    till her heart gave out one day
    she just laid on the cliffs edge
    waiting for her mate.

    She stared out at the ocean blue
    with her dead but determined eyes
    waiting for her never coming soulmate
    to come for her again.