• Flowers in your veins,
    X's on your arms
    and glitter hiding in your sleeve.
    Please let me be, boy, of exuberant blue,
    unless you see the blue in me too.

    Like a moth to light
    I was drawn to you
    but before your eyes
    fluttered a butterfly
    of exuberant blue.
    Please let me, boy,
    unless you see the blue in me too.

    Tin birds pass your lips
    and cut your tongue like
    razors to your skin;
    they're just as sharp.
    Direct them towards me;
    the pain is welcome here.
    Why won't you let me be,
    oh please just let me be
    I said to you,
    a boy of exuberant blue

    Because one thing I wish I could do,
    No matter if I'm red or blue,
    The one thing that I'll never do,
    is be the one for you.