• One night while I was sleeping
    The angel was awake
    She stumbled to my door
    And whispered come with me

    I found myself wondering
    Through a world of make believe
    I could not understand
    If she had all of this
    Why she only wanted me

    Her eyes spoke so clearly
    Though her smile no emotion
    That her life was so empty
    Without someone to hold her

    I felt that I would cry
    But she begged that I would smile
    For this was her last night
    That she would live as a child

    I was so confused
    But she quickly grabbed my hand
    And took me to the garden
    Of darkness and quicksand

    She felt so very weary
    And had one last request
    That only I would visit her
    In the land of distress

    I cannot even tell you
    How mixed up those words were
    But then I understood
    As her body began to stir

    Those pretty blue eyes
    And that blank smile
    Shifted in the wind
    Into particles of time

    Then I began to cry
    For she was my only friend
    But then I awoke
    At my house
    Cozy in bed