• Years of training and I'm now ready.
    Breathing relaxed and my heart steady.
    Watching the open field before me shrink.
    The enemy rushes and I on the brink.

    Hearing the command boom over.
    I roar loud as I rush beside my brother.
    Running we slam into the oncoming slaughter.
    One thought come to mind "Why bother?"

    Swords clash and death screams fill my mind.
    Fighting through the numbers life is mine to find.
    Next to me my brother is cut down and I go blind.
    Killing masses I am set to the a rage filled grind.

    Hours of nonstop battle limbs feeling numb.
    I withstand two attackers before I succumb.
    Lighting flashing as I'm impaled with spear.
    Laughing I think "Death welcome me dear."

    Laying in a pool of my own blood.
    Calm rushing over me like a flood.
    Opened mouth releasing death gurgle.
    Letting life go is so damn simple.