• walking the thin line

    how old do today's martyrs have to be
    die for a country
    that never saw his face
    died for what he believed
    a story
    a song
    or even a whisper
    we every day can forsake SO much
    and gain so little either way
    why be soo afixiated on gain
    we all go out the same way
    new faces dont make new freinds
    a secret is a lie youll never tell
    or eyes and ears hear only what our brain can handle
    but im sure your not handling it well
    paint this world a color
    that cant go wrong
    give us a leader who can remain stong
    when his neck is on the line
    can he keep a dry collar
    or will he fail, break and sweat
    like every other man
    we can only hope to drag our tounge
    across the plate for a taste of the "good" life
    ******** all the cowards in the word
    we take a man serious untill you see his tail between his legs
    the white of his eyes black now wit hdeseption
    hes nothing but a chicken in a fox 's evening wear
    such a word is a great word of desriptipon for us all
    because we all cant see with or ******** hands in the way
    you cant escape forever you know
    legs grow tired with conflict and shame on the mind
    such fools we call human aquaintences
    if you have a brain in your god damned head you could see this
    you can never get out of your cycle
    unless you actually face it
    and face it
    humanity is a big cosmic ******** joke
    and no one got the punch line but me evidently