• I pull a spoon out from the bowl and look into it and see my reflection.
    Am I sad at what I see? Or happy?
    I don't know, so I do both to see how I look.
    I put on a smile to see if it matches how I feel, but it does not so I take it off.
    Now time for a frown, but still it doesn't work so again it comes off.
    I don't know which face to match with how I feel, unable to decide which face to pick.
    I cut them up into little pieces and put them back together with a needle and string...
    now I put on this new face I made and look into my spoon.
    And what I see is how I feel, it is perfect I think.
    But let's see how the wold feels toward my new appearance.
    ...I think they hated it.